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Teflon Wire

Teflon, also named polytetrafluoroethene, has very good performance of resistance to high temperature, ranging from -60℃ up to 300℃. It is mainly divided into FEP, PFA, PTFE, ETFE etc. The use of Teflon, an excellent and stable high temperature resistant insulation material, gives the cable excellent dielectric strength and physical performance. Besides, Teflon insulation wire has good performance in corrosion resistance and chemical liquid, acid, alkali resistance, as well as excellent thermal stability. The Teflon wire has advantage on thinner insulation thickness than silicone wire, which can meet with small out diameter requirements.

Teflon wire is good at high abrasion resistance and excellent chemical resistance against transformer oil, light fuel oil and most types of cleaning agents.

In the event of fire, no corrosive and toxic gases will be given off.
Hence, damage caused by fire can be kept to minimum.
We adopted good quality raw materials of Teflon to assure that our extruded FEP PFA wire can meet with strict quality control.

Thanks to the above characters, Teflon wires are used in high temperature. It is therefore a suitable connection cable for home electric appliance, AUTO wire connection, aviation, military, instruments etc.