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PVC Wire and Cable

PVC is known as polyvinyl chloride material. It’s a very popular insulation material used in wire or cable field. Our PVC wire and cable have very good physical and chemical performances. The temperature level are 70℃, 90℃ and 105℃.
By adding flame retardant and other agents into PVC materials, PVC wire can reach better performance to meet with our customers’requirements.
PVC wire has good performance in corrosion resistant and anti chemical liquid, acid, alkali, excellent thermal stability. It is light weight and competitive price for customer’s choice.
We adopted good quality raw materials of PVC to assure our extruded wire can meet with strict quality control.

Thanks to the above characters, PVC wire and cable are widely used in the home electric appliance, lighting, auto wire harness, aviation, military, instruments, plug, etc.