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Mica Tape Wire

Mica tape wire is made of Mica tape as the insulation, by wrapping the tape on the conductor, then fiber glass yarn braiding layer on the Mica tape, PTFE or Special resin coating on the jacket. This kind of cable can bear the temperature of 500C deg.

The use of Mica tape, extra high temperature resistant insulation material, gives the cable excellent heat resistant and good dielectric strength.

The braided synthetic yarn covering, which is applied directly over the insulation, gives the cable, because of its short braiding pitch and high compactness, an excellent mechanical protection by maintaining good flexibility.

The varnishing of the braiding results in good antifriction properties, high abrasion resistance and excellent chemical resistance against transformer oil, light fuel oil and most types of cleaning agents.
In the event of fire, no corrosive and toxic gases will be given off.
Hence, damage caused by fire can be kept to minimum.

Mica tape wire is used for internal wire connection of high temperature environment of electric appliance like: water heater, oven, furnace and aviation, military, etc.