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Rubber Power Cable/Welding Cable

Power cable is produced with ethylene-propylene (EPM/EPDM) rubber as the inner core insulation, then out layer be extruded with neoprene rubber (CPE) as the out jacket. This kind of rubber cable adopted traditional production crafts of hot air continuous vulcanization. It is popularly divided into H05RN-F light duty flexible cable, H07RN-F heavy duty flexible rubber cable. Some styles are also called as YC, YCW, YZ, and YZW.
We produce different series of rubber power cable, rubber compound include Silicone rubber, CR rubber and EPM/EPDM rubber. Rubber insulated cable have good performance of light weight, heat resistant, anti-moisture, flame-retardant, and also corrosion resist and anti-chemical liquid, acid, alkali, excellent thermal stability.
Rubber cable have good performance: Low hardness with very good flexibility, high tear strength, flame retardant, thermal stable, can bear from -30℃ ~ +70℃. It’s also anti-UV, anti-ozone.

Rubber insulated power cable is popularly used in locomotive equipment, electric motor, marine cable, mineral, underwater, welding machines, etc.