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 Silicone Rubber Heater Wire

Silicone Rubber Heater Wire

Conductor: Alloy metal
Insulator: Silicone rubber
Rated volt.: 300V/600V
Test voltage: 1500V. 1Min
Rated temp.: 150℃, 200℃
UL approved styles: AWM3130, 3219, 3222, 3223, 3350

Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength: 3.45N/mm2 min.
Elongation at break of insulation: ≥100%
Min. bending radius: 6×OD
Standards: UL758, UL62, And UL1581
Meet with RoHS, REACH rules.

Silicone rubber heater wire is used where high flexibility is required and in high temperature conditions for home electric appliance and electric heating elements.

Technical Parameters
OD Ø2mm-Ø3mm Ø2mm-Ø3.5mm
Cable inner core Ø0.5mm-Ø1.5mm,Glass fiber yarn
Conductor NiCr alloy or Cu-Ni conductor
Insulator 105℃PVC Silicone rubber
Tolerance DC Resistance range: ±5% Cable OD: +0.2/-0.1mm
Output power Up to 15W/m Up to 40W/m
Voltage 600V
Max. surface tempeture 105℃ 200℃
Min. surface temperature -30℃ -70℃
Style AWM3130 AWM3219 AWM3222 AWM3223 AWM3350
Rate Volt 300V 300V 300V 300V 600V
Rate Temp 150℃ 150℃ 150℃ 150℃ 200℃
Insulation Thick 1.14mm 0.76mm 1.14mm 1.52mm 1.52mm
Voltage Test 1500V 1500V 1500V 1500V 2000V
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