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EV Cable

The EV cable is constructed using an extruded silicone rubber inner insulator. The cable is then shielded by tinned copper wrapped with Aluminum foil tape. The jacket is made of highly tear resistant silicone rubber.

Silicone rubber has very good flexibility, giving the cable excellent dielectric strength.

Silicone rubber PET braided Cable provides top-notch mechanical protection by maintaining a high degree of flexibility. It features good antifriction properties, high abrasion resistance, and excellent chemical resistance against transformer oil, light fuel oil, and most cleaning agents.

Cable type for selection
(I) Non-Shielding Group
(a)Single core
FHLR2G --- Non-Shielding Silicone rubber cable
FHLR2GL --- Non-Shielding Silicone rubber braided cable
(b)Multi core
FHLR2G2G-M ---Non-Shielding Silicone rubber cable
FHLR2G2GL-M ---Non-Shielding Silicone rubber braided cable

(II) Shielding Group
(a)Single core
FHLR2GCB2G---Shielding Single Core Silicone rubber cable
FHLR2GCB2GL---Shielding Single Core Silicone rubber braided cable
(b)Multi core
FHLR2GCB2G-M---Shielding Multi Core Silicone rubber cable
FHLR2GCB2GL-M---Shielding Multi Core Silicone rubber braided cable

* Meet with LV112, LV216-1,216-2, ISO6722
* Flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1
* No flame propagation acc. to IEC 60332-3
* Low smoke emission acc. to IEC 61034

  • Silicone Rubber EV Battery Cable
  • Silicone Rubber EV Battery Cable
  • Silicone Rubber EV Battery Cable